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What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a House Cleaner

One would assume that anyone could be a house cleaner. It makes sense as cleaning a house cannot be that difficult. Wash the dishes, put on a load of laundry, sweep and vacuum the floor, maybe clean the windows. It seems like child’s play. If house cleaning can be given as chores to a 10-year-old do really need qualifications to be a house cleaner?

As an entry-level job as an end of lease cleaning Melbourne doesn’t need a degree or anything fancy but working for a professional house cleaning company or setting up your own business does need some training and experience. As an end of lease cleaner in a large mansion, you will need to be trained in how to clean properly. Training that leads to on the job experience is the qualification you need on your CV or resume.

Being taught how to clean silver, for example, is one area of expertise that may matter to some homeowners. But simple things such as how to clean windows and leave them streak-free is a tremendous asset. Many professional cleaning companies offer in-house training and induction programs and the skills learnt here are transferable to any house cleaning job.

Very often being able to speak English is a prerequisite along with training is customer or personal service. In some cases, especially if heading up a team of house cleaners a qualification or experience in administration and management. Often a drivers licence is a qualifying criterion if you are going to be performing end of lease cleaning Melbourne as small errands may be asked to be run as part of the duties.

Training or some qualification in the control of cleaning materials and chemicals is essential. Knowing what certain cleaning fluids can and cannot do as well how and where to store them is vital, especially in homes where children and pets could easily come into contact with the chemicals used.

An understanding of time management is generally an essential requirement when it comes to being employed as a house cleaner. Qualifications or being certain cleaning equipment and tools may be required. Many cleaning equipment manufacturers provide training in the use of their machines. In larger houses the machines used for house cleaning and general maintenance may be professional machines not the general machines most homes would have, and thus knowledge of these is essential.

However, the best qualifications any bond cleaning service provider can have are any eyes for detail, knowing the difference between clean and professionally cleaned and plenty of common sense. Being able to fit cleaning in with and around the lifestyle of the family you are cleaning for is something that will set you apart from other cleaners. Being a little more flexible in your time and not being afraid to ask something if you do not know is one of the most valuable personal assets you can have as even an entry level cleaner.

Experience is the overall, number one qualification a vacate cleaning Melbourne contactor can have. Being prepared to work hard and go the extra mile will very quickly pay off and could soon see you owning your own cleaning company.

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